SpaceX has sent another 60 Starlink satellites into space

SpaceX has sent another 60 Starlink satellites into space
The American company SpaceX has successfully launched a Falcon 9 launch vehicle carrying 60 Starlink communication satellites. The launch took place at 01:19 US East Coast time (09:19 GMT).

The first stage of the launched launch vehicle has already been used four times in the past. This time, she was also successfully returned to Earth. About nine minutes after the launch, the first stage descended smoothly onto a floating platform called Of Couse I Still Love You ("Of Course I still love you"), which was located in the Atlantic Ocean. The returnable first stages of the rockets help SpaceX reduce the cost of launches.

It is worth mentioning that SpaceX planned to launch another Falcon 9 rocket today with Starlink satellites on board. The launch of the second rocket was scheduled to take place from the Kennedy Space Center site four hours after the first launch. However, it was later decided to postpone this launch to 05: 14 US East Coast time (13: 14 Moscow time) on February 5.
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