Square Enix will allow many employees to work remotely

Square Enix will allow many employees to work remotely
Square Enix, a video game development and publishing company, has announced that many employees will be able to continue working remotely on a permanent basis. The policy takes effect on December 1, and employees will be divided into "home-based" and "office-based" employees. It is expected that in December, about 80% of Square Enix employees will be transferred to remote work.

There are several reasons for introducing the new policy. The company intends to create a "flexible and diverse work environment", help employees "achieve an optimal work-life balance", and promote "increased productivity". The company believes that such a policy in the future will help to better adapt to the current situation, whether it is social restrictions or new employment models.

Although employees will be separated, it looks like they will have the option of choosing a flexible schedule. Remote work means that the employee works from home on average at least three days a week. A similar schedule will be available to office workers, and they will be able to change their status on a monthly basis. The location of employees will also be affected by what kind of work they do.

Square Enix first moved employees to remote work in February of this year. The company notes that 80 % of employees in the survey expressed a positive attitude to working from home.
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