Super Nintendo World Park opens on February 4

Super Nintendo World Park opens on February 4
Universal Studios Japan has announced the opening date for its Super Nintendo Land theme zone. The event will take place on February 4, 2021 at the Osaka amusement Park. This is even earlier than expected — last month, Nintendo announced that the project will open in the spring. A theme cafe and merchandise store have already opened in the larger Universal Studios Japan Park.

USJ and Nintendo also provided detailed information about one of the zone's main attractions: a Mario Kart-themed roller coaster. They are located inside the reconstructed Bowser castle and use augmented reality and projection mapping technologies, and visitors are encouraged to wear augmented reality headsets in the shape of a Mario cap. Bloomberg reporters who had previously familiarized themselves with the Super Nintendo World zone, including the Mario Kart attraction, noted that the Park will also be expanded with the Donkey Kong theme zone
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