Tesla electric cars will stream videos

Tesla electric cars will stream videos
Tesla electric cars are studded with cameras that are used as part of the automatic driving system, but there is no access to these cameras. At least, until something happens. But in the near future, the situation may change, and users will have direct access to Tesla cameras, as well as to regular surveillance cameras. For example, you don't even need to look out the window to assess the situation near the car – you just need to launch the appropriate app on your smartphone and connect to the desired camera of the electric car.

One Twitter user, who, according to the feed, is very well versed in the manufacturer's electric vehicles, found in the autopilot code indications that Tesla will allow owners to connect directly to the cameras of the Autonomous driving system. This will be done via the app on your smartphone. The user noted that to stream video from autopilot cameras, a connection with a speed of at least 30 MB/min is required, so you will have to take care of a good communication channel. For example, LTE or 5G. And preferably with unlimited traffic, if you want to connect to the cameras often.
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