Tesla owners have lost access to the machines. The fault is a failure in the data center

Tesla owners have lost access to the machines. The fault is a failure in the data center
It became known that in the networks of the American manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla there was a serious failure. As a result, the company's internal systems lost their functionality, and customers who use a mobile app instead of a key lost access to their cars. The problem began to be fixed in the morning on Wednesday, but within a few hours, Tesla restored customer access to its systems. The cause of the failure remains unknown.

According to available data, during the failure in the Tesla networks, the company's internal systems completely failed, which led to the disruption of many work processes. As for the automaker's customers, they could not access their electric vehicles through a special app. The company's website also gave an error when navigating to any of the sections from the main page.

It seems that this is one of the largest failures in the operation of Tesla systems in the history of the company. It is noteworthy that the problems faced not only by the owners. Users of Tesla solar panels and Powerwall energy storage systems also experienced problems with device management. The problem was widespread and affected Tesla customers around the world.

This is not the first time that a large-scale failure has occurred in Tesla's networks, but such incidents are infrequent. The source says that less than an hour after the problem occurred, the functionality of Tesla systems began to recover. Full customer access to Tesla systems is believed to have been restored within a few hours.
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