Tesla recalls electric cars at risk of losing control

Tesla recalls electric cars at risk of losing control
Tesla has received two reasons to recall its electric vehicles at once, and one of them, indeed, is a serious danger for both the driver and passengers, and for other road users.

In total, about 9,5 thousand Tesla electric vehicles are being recalled. The first recall concerns a batch of 9,136 2016 Model X cars. It doesn't sound too scary here — the car's roof trim may be detached due to insufficiently tightened screws and incorrect use of glue. However, this cosmetic issue can lead to the fact that the finish will fly off while driving. Cars are recalled so that the company can inspect them and repair them if necessary.

The second recall concerns a much smaller batch of 401 copies of Tesla Model Y cars produced in 2020. It is noted that the screws on the steering and suspension levers may not be tightened properly. In the worst case, this may cause the upper suspension arm to detach from the steering knuckle. To put it simply, the steering wheel will stop "working" and the driver will be lucky if he does not lose control of the car.

It is noted that Tesla is not aware of any incidents or injuries that would have been caused by these two problems. However, they can pose a risk to road users if components fail, detach, and end up on the road.
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