Tesla reduced the price of Model 3 electric cars

Tesla reduced the price of Model 3 electric cars
At a recent quarterly conference, Tesla founder Elon Musk expressed his intention to make the brand's electric vehicles as affordable as possible for consumers. A step towards achieving this goal was the reduction in prices for Chinese-built cars that are equipped with traction batteries based on a compound of lithium and iron phosphate (LFP). Electric cars have become more affordable by 8% at once.

Musk may have a reputation for making impossible promises, but Tesla managed to meet the delivery schedule for Chinese-built electric vehicles equipped with LFP batteries by the end of this year. These batteries do not contain cobalt, and therefore should be cheaper than the so-called NMC batteries. LFP batteries for Chinese-built cars are supplied by the Chinese company CATL, and in General, Tesla intends to increase the degree of localization of Model 3 electric vehicles assembled here to 80 %.

Tesla partners represented by Panasonic have already expressed concerns about the low capacity of LFP traction batteries, but Elon Musk said at a quarterly conference that the Model 3 electric car based on them can travel up to 480 km without recharging. Another disadvantage of the new batteries is their higher mass — the electric car equipped with them is 130 kg heavier than the analog with NMC batteries.

As reported by Reuters, today the company Tesla in Shanghai really started shipping electric cars Model 3 with LFP-batteries. The cost of a modification with a standard power reserve for Chinese consumers decreased by 8% to 249,900 yuan, which at the current exchange rate corresponds to $36,805. The price takes into account the state subsidy allocated to Chinese citizens to buy an electric car. The cost of Chinese-built cars with an increased power reserve decreased from 344,050 to 309,900 yuan, which corresponds to $46,639. Musk previously said that Tesla can start exporting Chinese-built electric vehicles by the end of this year. This will certainly allow versions based on LFP batteries to penetrate beyond the Chinese market.
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