The American police have a new tool for hacking the iPhone

The American police have a new tool for hacking the iPhone
The San Diego police Foundation has acquired iPhone unlocking technology for the city's police Department. This was reported by the resource Motherboard, which managed to get acquainted with the email correspondence on this issue.

"The GrayKey device was purchased by the police Foundation and donated to the lab," a San Diego police Department crime lab employee wrote in an email in 2018 to a contract officer, referring to the iPhone unlocking equipment. "The license agreement I sent is [intended] to update the software that will allow us to switch to hacking Apple smartphones of the latest generation," the employee added in an email.

GrayKey is manufactured by GrayShift of Atlanta, Georgia. GrayShift offers several versions of its hacking tool: an online version that requires an Internet connection and can be used a limited number of times; an offline version and a mobile version.

Curiously, the funding for the police acquisition of the GrayKey device came from extra-budgetary funds. This means that the arming of such equipment can occur without proper publicity. Now, activist groups have once again turned their attention to police funds, which are private charities that collect donations from banks and companies. With the money they receive, they buy various products and then transfer them to the appropriate police departments. Due to the private nature of the property, they are less subject to public transparency laws, except in cases of official interaction with the police Department.
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