The Apple M1 processor scored more than 1.1 million points in AnTuTu

The Apple M1 processor scored more than 1.1 million points in AnTuTu
On November 10, Apple released a family of new computers based on the M1 proprietary ARM processor. This is a powerful chipset that demonstrates performance that exceeds Intel's flagship solutions in many tasks. The chip has already been tested in Geekbench, receiving a score higher than the mobile Core i9. Now M1 is seen in the database of a typical mobile AnTuTu.

In the benchmark, the chip shows a record result, gaining more than 1.1 million points. This is the first time that any device scores more than a million points in AnTuTu. For example, the yet-to-be-announced flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon processor shows a score of 847,868 points. It is believed that the test was run on a MacBook Air disguised as an iPad Pro. The device scored 1 119 243 points, from which the CPU rating is 282 265 points, the graphics chip scored 538 944 points, and memory 189 921 points. The UX rating was 108,113.

If you compare the performance of the M1 with the a12z chip used in the current iPad Pro, you will notice that the chip for "large" computers is almost one and a half times more productive than the tablet processor. The MacBook Air chipset is 50.65 % faster in processor performance, graphics are 43.78% faster, and memory is 64.98 % faster. User interface performance is 38.66% higher.

The M1 chipset contains eight computing cores and contains an eight-core graphics chip that can simultaneously execute 25,000 worker threads. In addition, it is combined with a 16-core neural processor. The chip contains 16 billion transistors. The Apple M1 is used in the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.
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