The Australians have created a hybrid of a supercapacitor and a battery

The Australians have created a hybrid of a supercapacitor and a battery
Endlessly, you can not only look at the fire or flowing water, but also listen to fairy tales about the new revolutionary batteries. However, each fairy tale has its own story, so you do not need to take everything on faith, but take it into account — quite. Today we were told a fairy tale about batteries by scientists from the land of OZ, as the inhabitants of the Foggy Albion jokingly call Australia.

Scientists have long been trying to give lithium batteries the properties of supercapacitors, so that charging is relatively instantaneous and that the output power is at a decent level. Modern lithium batteries in the complex provide the same electric cars Tesla about 1000 horsepower. Just imagine if a Tesla battery was a supercapacitor! Then under the hood of electric cars of this brand could accommodate up to five thousand horses! It would be a supercar!

Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia have created a hybrid battery, which has a negative electrode like a supercapacitor — a titanium carbide plate for storing static charge, and a positive one-like a typical lithium battery with the ability to store lithium ions in graphene. The output is a battery with fast charging capability-about five times faster than a typical lithium cell, but with a significantly higher capacity than a supercapacitor — about the same as a NiMH battery.

If we turn to the figures, the hybrid element of the Australians provided a capacity of 73 Wh/kg, which is approximately 28 % of the capabilities of modern lithium-containing batteries, while its specific power reached a whopping 1600 W/kg, since fast charging also implies fast discharge, which means the return of more power in a shorter time.
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