The biggest innovation of Android 12

The biggest innovation of Android 12
As it became known, Google wants to provide users with an easier option to update the Android operating system. The search giant has launched Project Mainline to simplify the Android update process.

A member of the XDA Developers forum under the nickname luca020400 noticed that Google converts Android Runtime (or ART) to the Mainline module, which allows you to send updates to key system components via Google Play. ART compiles the bytecode of Android apps into machine instructions. If Google wants to change the way code is compiled in Android 12, it can be changed at any time, instead of relying on traditional operating system updates. Users don't have to wait weeks or months to get new features or security fixes.

Project Mainline extends the capabilities of Project Treble. At one time, Project Treble reduced the degree of dependence of OEMs on SoC vendors for each individual OS update. And Project Mainline reduces Google's reliance on OEMs to provide security updates for key OS components. Project Mainline extends the Treble philosophy to more important parts of the Android platform, removing OEMs as dependent intermediaries from the equation. The goal of Project Mainline is for Google to wrest control of infrastructure components and system applications that are critical to security, and maintain development consistency without OEMs. Project Mainline is rightly called the biggest change in Android since Project Treble.

Thus, Android 12 can partially solve the problem where OEMs often delay the release of Android updates or do not release them at all for various smartphone models.
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