The capacity of the SSD-Toshiba BG4 format 2 2230 reaches 1 TB

SSD-Toshiba BG4

Toshiba Corporation introduced ultra-compact solid-state drives NVMe SSD series BG4: products are shown at the CES 2019 electronics exhibition.

As announced by the decisions in a single body United 96-layer flash memory 3D BiCS FLASH and controller. Customers can choose between two versions — BGA M. 2 1620 (16 × 20 mm) and M. 2 2230 (22 × 30 mm).

The drives use NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 interface, which provides high performance. The declared speed of sequential reading of information reaches 2250 MB / s, the speed of sequential writing-1700 MB / s.

The products are capable of performing up to 380 thousand I/o operations per second (IOPS) at arbitrary data reading and up to 190 thousand at arbitrary writing.

The Toshiba BG4 family includes 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB drives, as well as 1 TB drives. The products are designed for use in thin and light portable computers, embedded systems, as well as in server equipment (as a boot device).

The timing of the beginning of the supply of drives and their estimated cost is not reported.
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