The cheapest Samsung smartphone with 5G support

The cheapest Samsung smartphone with 5G support
Various Galaxy A models are consistently becoming one of the best-selling In the world.

And in 2021, Samsung will clearly continue to advance, in particular by offering more affordable smartphones with 5G. There is an assumption that the cheapest such device of the company will be the Galaxy A32. And today the first details about it appeared.

The images were shared by one of the case manufacturers, and we can see a triple camera, as well as a side fingerprint scanner. The latter hints at an IPS display, although this is optional. And the smartphone will still have a headphone Jack, although every year it is less relevant element.

As for the characteristics, unfortunately, they are not yet available. But we can assume that the device will get a 48-megapixel camera, at least 4 GB of RAM, a large battery and some kind of budget Qualcomm platform with 5G support.
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