The first contract for cleaning up space debris

The first contract for cleaning up space debris
The European space Agency (ESA) has announced the signing of a long-delayed contract for the first mission to clean up large space debris. The mission will be conducted by the Swiss startup ClearSpace SA. The full price of the issue is not disclosed. ESA will pay the space cleaner 86 million euros. The company will collect the "remaining" amount with the involvement of investors. The ClearSpace-1 cleaner is intended for only one operation, so it is a consumable item.

Read more about the future mission will we find out on Tuesday the first of December. On this day, the ESA Agency convenes a press conference, during which, after short statements by project participants, a session of answers to journalists ' questions will begin. We will probably get comprehensive information about the project on this day.

Space debris, the ESA notes, is becoming a growing problem. Today, the number of launches has reached 100 per year, four or five of which fail and leave a lot of debris in low-earth orbit. This threatens future space flights. Today, about 23 thousand objects that are dangerous are being tracked and their number will grow. The ClearSpace-1 project, which is expected to be implemented in 2025, will be the first commercial solution for cleaning up space debris, and the future of this service will depend on its success.
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