The newest iPhone lost the" battle of cameras " to Nokia, released in 2013

The newest iPhone lost the
Smartphone manufacturers are constantly improving their cameras, providing more and more high-quality photo and video shooting. However, among the smartphones released on the market for a relatively long time, there are models that are not inferior in terms of photo capabilities to the newest models. This was confirmed by the author of the YouTube channel WillitbeatNokia?, who compared the recently released Apple flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max with the Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone that entered the market in 2013.

According to the enthusiast, the old smartphone was not only able to compete with the latest iPhone, but also surpassed it in certain types of shooting. The Nokia Lumia 1020, released in July 2013, features a single 41 MP camera with wide-angle optics. The new iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone has a camera with three 12 MP sensors and LiDAR.

When conducting a test comparison on the WillitbeatNokia? channel, the capabilities of shooting smartphones under different conditions were checked and photos saved in JPG and RAW formats were compared.

According to the author of WillitbeatNokia?, Nokia won when shooting with flash, when shooting in daylight in JPG format, and when saving in RAW. The top iPhone was able to beat the "old man" in night shooting in JPG, when shooting with HDR and zoom. At the end of testing, the smartphones received final scores that made Nokia the winner: 15 points scored iPhone 12 Pro Max and 21 points received Nokia Lumia 1020.
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