The open RISC-V architecture has been expanded with USB 2.0 and USB 3 interfaces

The open RISC-V architecture has been expanded with USB 2.0 and USB 3 interfaces
one of the world's first developers of SoC on the RISC-V open architecture, SiFive acquired an intellectual property package in the form of IP-blocks of USB 2.0 and USB 3 interfaces.x. The deal was made with Innovative Logic ― a specialist in the development of ready-to-integrate licensed units with interfaces. Earlier, Innovative Logic has already noted interesting offers for free trial licensing of IP-blocks USB 3.0. The deal with SiFive was the apotheosis of such experiments. In the future, the former property of Innovative Logic will continue to live as an integral part of free and commercial platforms for SOC design on RISC-V Architecture. Huawei will definitely like this if it is finally pressed with ARM and x86.

Prior to the purchase of Innovative Logic IP blocks, SiFive had to license blocks with USB interfaces from third-party developers, which, in particular, limited the possibility of free licensing of platforms for the development of solutions on RISC-V. Accordingly, interest in RISC-V decreased. The deal with Innovative Logic will give the platform the most advanced interfaces, including USB 3.x Type-C, the development of which has been completed by only a few companies in the world.

Together with the IP property of the company SiFive will move the staff by Innovative Logic, located in the Indian Bangalore. As part of SiFive, former Innovative Logic specialists will continue to develop IP blocks with USB interfaces. Details of the transaction are not disclosed. It is also not specified for which technological processes the blocks with interfaces transferred under the contract are created. It is only known that they are suitable for integration into SoC with the production of "improved processes". No other information.
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