The price of the PlayStation 5 reaches $32,000

The price of the PlayStation 5 reaches $32,000
Sony and Microsoft released their next-generation game consoles earlier this month, but the companies have so far failed to meet consumer demand. This has led to the frustration of a large number of consumers, who in the pursuit of the long-awaited consoles may even become victims of fraud.

The situation should change soon, as Sony has announced that the company will deliver more consoles to retailers by the end of the year. Microsoft is also expected to try to fill store warehouses with more consoles by the holiday sales period.

Microsoft announced the most successful launch in the history of Xbox, the company sold more Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles than during previous launches. In addition, the maximum number of gaming sessions for the same period was recorded. About 70% of new consoles are now connected to the Xbox Game Pass. Obviously, the new consoles will be sold like hot cakes for a long time.
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