The US is preparing to win the 5G race

The US is preparing to win the 5G race
Ajit Pai 5g

The Donald Trump administration announced on Friday that it is trying to remove obstacles to faster deployment of the next generation 5g wireless network, which it sees as revolutionary for a number of industries.

The Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Ajit Pai said at a meeting at the White House that "US leadership in the development of 5G technology is essential for economic growth and competitiveness."

Pai noted that 5G networks are 100 times faster than existing networks, which will remove speed and bandwidth from the list of significant limitations for wireless innovation.

U.S. administration officials said they have high hopes for technology that could help create 3 million new jobs, attract $275 billion in private investment, and generate $500 billion in profits through new economic growth.

Congress and the country's regulatory authorities are also working to free up more wireless spectrum under 5G networks and mitigate regulatory requirements to simplify the deployment of fiber optic communication lines, which are crucial for 5G traffic.

The FCC voted last Wednesday to remove regulatory barriers to 5g deployment. Pai said that this measure will limit the amount of fees that cities will be able to charge for the installation of small nodes, as well as require local authorities to promptly consider the applications of mobile operators.

Pai noted that the deployment of 5G networks will require the installation of 800,000 cellular nodes, mostly small cells, the size of which is not more than a backpack, which is about 4 times more than the number of mobile stations currently available in the country.
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