The Xbox Series X won't start selling in China until 2021

The Xbox Series X won't start selling in China until 2021
According to the South China Morning Post, the launch of Xbox Series X sales in China is delayed due to the recent decision of local regulators, according to which the console must first receive all the necessary certificates. To date, Microsoft has already received a 3C certificate from the certification and accreditation Authority of the people's Republic of China. It is required for all products that are imported, sold, or used in China.

Analysts point out that the presence of the above certificate also indirectly suggests that the prefix will still be sold in the country. It is very likely that Microsoft will also receive all the necessary certificates to sell the younger version of the new generation console, the Xbox Series S. After all, China is the world's largest video game market, so Microsoft, despite the delay, is likely aiming for a full launch of its consoles in the middle Kingdom.

According to Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at gaming consulting company Niko Partners, the Xbox Series X will be launched in China in the first half of 2021.

"Microsoft still needs to get a certificate from the Ministry of culture of the people's Republic of China to release the set-top box in China. But this market will in any case become another field for competition between Microsoft and Sony, which also recently released its PlayStation 5 game console," the analyst said.
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