Third-quarter shipments of NAND flash memory increased by 9%

Third-quarter shipments of NAND flash memory increased by 9%
Total revenue from NAND flash memory sales in the third quarter was $ 14.5 billion, up 0.3% from the previous quarter. And this is despite the fact that the shipment in units of information volume increased by 9%. As you might guess, the increase in volumes was accompanied by a decrease in the average price, which was close to 9%. This data is contained in the TrendForce report.

Analysts note a revival in the consumer electronics segment and a recovery in demand for smartphones before the seasonal peak in sales. At the same time, they said, the increase in purchases of chromebooks due to the spread of distance learning has had little impact on the flash memory market, since these computers have relatively small storage subsystems. Moreover, customers in the server segment who actively stocked components in the second quarter due to concerns about the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain now have significant inventory and significantly reduced their purchases. This led to a weaker demand for NAND and lower contract prices.

Samsung was named the market leader in the third quarter, accounting for 33.1% of sales. Kioxia is in second place with 21.4%. Western Digital is third with 14.3%. This is followed by SK Hynix with 11.3%, Micron with 10.5% and Intel with 7.9%. All other manufacturers together occupy only 1.5% of the market.
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