This is what the brand new Oppo Find might look like

This is what the brand new Oppo Find might look like
Oppo recently received two new patents, which the source combined into one, and the designer with the pseudonym Concept Creator designed all this in the form of renderings.

The first patent describes a smartphone with a horizontally positioned camera module. The solution is not new, but for some reason, manufacturers almost abandoned it, making their new devices as similar as possible to each other. If Oppo releases such a device, it will stand out from the majority.

The second patent concerns the camera. Oppo has patented a hybrid 15x zoom system that can be placed in a fairly thin smartphone. The solution, as you can see in the images, is very unusual, although it is not a fact that the design of the serial version will look the same.

The final renderings that you can see in the material are mostly a figment of the designer's imagination, so you should evaluate them accordingly. For example, this is what a new device from the Find line might look like.
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