This year the gaming PC market will grow by at least 30%

This year the gaming PC market will grow by at least 30%
The phenomenon of a sharp demand for peripherals needed for video conferencing has been repeatedly noted by Logitech. Rival Corsair also admits that it has doubled the volume of deliveries in the gaming sector, and the gaming PC market may grow by 30-35% by the end of the year.

The need for self-isolation, as has been repeatedly noted, has increased the demand not only for laptops for remote work and study, but also for gaming computers. Recent quarterly reports from HP and Dell showed that demand for desktop computers from the corporate sector has fallen sharply, but home configurations for games are in growing demand, especially in the run-up to the release of new games and the introduction of new-generation game consoles, which always gives the segment a noticeable revival.

This year's sales season, according to Corsair representatives, will be characterized by a noticeable excess of demand compared to the ability of manufacturers to meet it. If under normal conditions, the market for gaming PCs priced from $1,500 could grow by at least 10 % this year, in fact, the increase in sales volumes may reach 30-35 %.

Corsair doesn't even plan to offer major discounts on its gaming products this quarter, as it encourages some customers to stock up on components for later resale at higher prices. Gaming peripherals and streaming equipment are in high demand this year, so it is quite difficult to find them on sale.
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