To get rid of Huawei, the UK will spend a third of a billion dollars

To get rid of Huawei, the UK will spend a third of a billion dollars
Earlier this year, the UK banned Chinese giant Huawei from participating in the development of 5G infrastructure and required local telecommunications companies to abandon Huawei equipment by 2027.

Now, UK authorities have said it will cost around 250 million pounds, or a third of a billion dollars, to remove Huawei equipment from the country's telecommunications infrastructure. Next year, the UK will spend 50 million pounds to create a "secure and fault-tolerant 5G network".

Due to the lack of Huawei equipment on the market, mobile operators in the UK will have only two suppliers: Nokia and Ericsson. Analysts believe that such a duopoly can damage security, as well as raise prices in the market. The funds allocated by the country's authorities will also be used to establish a monitoring working group, which is expected to provide additional information on the results at the end of the year.

As more and more companies around the world ban Huawei from operating on their telecommunications network for security reasons, companies like Nokia and Ericsson have benefited greatly from entering into large contracts with network operators.

Earlier, Borje Ekholm, a top Manager of a Swedish company, opposed the ban on Huawei equipment in his country.
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