To the new mobile versions of Quadro RTX settled representatives of the Pascal generation

To the new mobile versions of Quadro RTX settled representatives of th

NVIDIA did not limit itself to the announcements of software solutions on the first day of the week, and presented a comprehensive initiative NVIDIA Studio, which involves both the release of "mobile workstations" of the new generation for mobile professionals, and supply them with certified drivers that guarantee trouble-free operation in professional applications. The latter can be associated not only with visualization, but also with the development of artificial intelligence systems, as well as work in a virtual reality environment. Able to cope with the latest type of load mobile computers are equipped with a special mark "NVIDIA VR Ready".

As expected from the early leaks, the family of mobile professional graphics cards consists of three products: Quadro RTX 5000, Quadro RTX 4000 and Quadro RTX 3000. All three are equipped with memory type GDDR6 and support hardware acceleration of ray tracing, which may be required not only for game lovers, but also designers and designers. The senior solutions family memory type GDDR6 reaches 16 GB, the youngest is 6 GB.

It is noteworthy that as part of these portable workstations, which NVIDIA partners this year are ready to offer in the range of at least seventeen models, you will find professional graphics adapters with memory type GDDR5, related to the Pascal architecture. Apparently, their neighborhood is provided for the sake of reducing the price of the initial configurations — it will be $1599, according to NVIDIA.
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