TWS-headphones Realme Buds Air Pro

TWS-headphones Realme Buds Air Pro
Realme has published details about the fully wireless headphones Realme Buds Air Pro, which are equipped with an active noise reduction system. Yes, they are similar to AirPods Pro, both in appearance and functionality, but many manufacturers are guilty of this today. However, to fully copy the design, Realme still did not descend.

The manufacturer claims that when the noise reduction function is activated, users can reduce the surrounding noise by 8 times and bring the volume of urban traffic closer to the usual whisper.

Fully wireless headphones Realme Buds Air Pro will also receive Transparency Mode, which allows you not to completely withdraw into yourself, control the situation and respond to events in time.

Realme Buds Air Pro headphones are equipped with 10-mm speakers, the headphones work for 3 hours without charging, and when using the case, the time increases to 25 hours (20 hours when the noise reduction system is turned on). A full charge takes only 1 hour.

The headphones received an ultra-low delay mode (94 MS) for perfect synchronization of sound with what is happening on the screen. There is a touch area on the case for controlling playback, answering calls, and launching the voice assistant. The device meets the IPX4 protection level.

The Realme Buds Air Pro headphones are expected to go on sale on October 7, when the price of the device will be revealed, but it is unlikely to be high. This is what distinguishes the company's products.
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