UK blames Apple for large amount of e-waste

UK blames Apple for large amount of e-waste
This year, Apple decided not to include a charger and headphones, which were always in the boxes with the company's phones, in the package of new iPhone smartphones. Apple explains this by taking care of the environment, but not everyone is inclined to believe this.

The British parliamentary Committee on environmental audit published the results of a study saying that technology companies such as Apple and Amazon have made new products more cost-effective by increasing the complexity of product maintenance and charging high maintenance fees. At the same time, it increases the generation of electronic waste. In other words: the UK is sure that Apple, having made such a step, did not take care of protecting the environment in any way.

In response to this statement, Apple said that it was surprised and disappointed by the report of the British regulator. Apple believes that the study does not reflect the company's efforts to conserve resources and protect our planet.

Apple said that consumers now have more opportunities to trade, recycle, and perform safe and high-quality repairs, and that key components of Apple's latest product series use recyclable materials.

Amazon said the company is committed to minimizing waste and helping customers reuse, repair and return products. Over the past 10 years, Amazon has supported the recycling of more than 10,000 tons of e-waste in the UK.
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