Volume of semiconductor production increased by 20 %

Volume of semiconductor production increased by 20 %
DigiTimes Research Agency claims that the volume of production of semiconductor components in physical terms by the end of this year will grow by more than 20 %, and next year the growth will be less, but will remain significant. Demand for components will be fueled by the spread of 5G networks and the pandemic.

Forced self-isolation as a result of the spread of coronavirus infection has pushed many industries to accelerate digital transformation. Business processes started moving online faster than expected. More semiconductor components were needed to develop the digital infrastructure, and some of them will remain in short supply next year.

There is also another phenomenon-the lack of production capacity using silicon wafers of the 200 mm size. As the DigiTimes resource explains, in the fourth quarter, GlobalFoundries, UMC and VIS companies have already raised prices by 10-15 %, but this does not make them less willing to process silicon wafers of the 200 mm size. This will allow them to raise prices by another 20-40 % next year.

TSMC should end the current year with record revenue, but the company's management emphasizes that it is not going to profit from customer problems, and therefore is not ready to raise prices for its services in the short term. This week, the company celebrated the completion of the new factory buildings in southern Taiwan, where mass production of 3-nm products will be launched in the second half of 2022. It is expected that it will create about 5,000 new jobs and will allow processing up to 55,000 300 mm silicon wafers per month.
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