"Water resistance" scandal will cost 10 million euros for Apple

Another lawsuit for deliberate deception of consumers and unfair advertising is received by Apple. This time, the us tech giant is being punished by the Italian regulator, the competition and market protection Authority, for misleading iPhone users about the water resistance of smartphones.

Italy's antitrust regulator has fined Apple 10 million euros ($12 million), claiming two charges against the company. First, the advertising of some models of Apple smartphones does not decipher the conditions under which water resistance tests were conducted. Secondly, Apple branded services refuse to service iPhones damaged as a result of water penetration into the case under the free warranty repair program.

The IP68 water resistance rating, which is repeatedly mentioned in iPhone ads, was awarded to smartphones with ideal tests in clear standing water and allowed the device to spend up to half an hour at a depth of, for example, 6 meters for the latest iPhone 12. However, in real life, smartphones fall into dirty or chlorinated water, as well as fall into reservoirs with strong currents. IPhones damaged by water will lose their warranty.

It is noteworthy that smartphones from almost all manufacturers in the world pass similar tests under ideal laboratory conditions. The fine of $ 12 million will not affect the business of the company with a market capitalization of $ 2 trillion, but will damage the business reputation of Apple, which is also required to publish on its website the ruling part of the decision of the Italian regulator.
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