WhatsApp has a claim against Apple

WhatsApp has a claim against Apple
WhatsApp has opposed Apple's requirement that developers provide information about what user data they collect to create new privacy labels in the App Store.

WhatsApp accuses Apple of anti-competitive behavior because iMessage is pre-installed on the iPhone and doesn't need to be downloaded from the App Store, where new privacy shortcuts will be displayed.

We believe that labels should be consistent for our own and third-party apps, and reflect the strict measures that apps can take to protect people's personal information. It's important that people can compare these privacy shortcuts on the apps they download with pre-installed apps like iMessage.

Apple has tried to simplify privacy labels by using generic terms such as" financial information "or"user content." WhatsApp States that these terms may be of concern to users about the data that WhatsApp collects, which will put It at a disadvantage.

Apple's privacy shortcuts are part of a broader privacy effort following the iOS 14 update in September. Various updates, such as restrictions on app tracking, have drawn heavy criticism from Facebook, and divisions continue between the companies.
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