Wi-Fi 6 - the next generation of wireless Internet

Wi-Fi 6 - the next generation of wireless Internet
Wi-Fi 6

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced that the next-generation Wi-Fi technology will be called Wi-Fi 6.

So far, various Wi-Fi standards have been labeled with symbols like 802.11 n and 802.11 ac. However, for ordinary consumers, such a scheme is not very convenient, because it can cause confusion.

Therefore, it was decided to simplify the names of different Wi-Fi standards. So, now the designation 802.11 n is equivalent to Wi-Fi 4, and 802.11ac as Wi-Fi 5.

As for the name of Wi-Fi 6, it hides the standard 802.11 ac. It promises to improve the spectral efficiency of the wireless network in a loaded ether and increase the theoretical bandwidth twice compared to the standard 802.11ac Wave-2.

It is noted that the marking of Wi-Fi 6 will have both the actual network of the new generation, and devices with support for the new standard. Certification of equipment is planned to start next year
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