Windows 10 antivirus has problems with Chrome

Windows 10 antivirus has problems with Chrome
Google is working to fix a number of annoying problems in the proprietary Chrome browser, especially related to the built-in antivirus solution in Windows 10. The problem is that Microsoft antivirus makes a real mess with browser bookmarks, and not only with them.

According to the application in the chromium Gerrit code repository, certain functions of the Chrome browser are not able to work as expected when the Windows 10 antivirus solution is configured to scan the drive.

Google developer Bruce Dawson explained:

Antivirus programs and other scanners can block new files for a short time, which can lead to frequent problems with saving bookmarks and other files that use ImportantFileWriter."

This issue will be resolved in one of the upcoming Chrome updates for Windows. The browser will be configured to repeat the ReplaceFile step several times, which should fix the problem. This measure will only be taken in Chrome for Windows, since this confusion is not observed on other operating systems.
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