Windows 10 Arm will finally support 64-bit software

Windows 10 Arm will finally support 64-bit software
Microsoft recently seems to have forgotten about Windows 10 for Arm processors. But, if you believe the rumors, the Surface Pro X2 tablet with the corresponding platform will be presented today, so the latest Microsoft statement is probably related to this announcement.

So, Microsoft will finally add x64 application emulation to Windows 10 Arm. Now this operating system has emulation of 32-bit software, but many modern programs no longer exist in this form. Support for 64-bit software will allow laptops and tablets Always Connected PC to become much more versatile and interesting for users. And given Apple's move to Arm, this is more relevant than ever.

Implementation of 64-bit application emulation will begin in November. Participants of the Windows Insider Program will be the first to try it out.
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