Windows 10 warns of SSD death

Windows 10 warns of SSD death
The latest pre-build 20266 of Windows 10 received a feature that warns the user about the imminent failure of the solid-state drive. This is reported by TechRadar.

Build 20266 was passed to testers in the Dev Channel and contains a new storage health monitoring feature specifically designed to work with NVMe-compatible SSDS. The system will issue a warning that the SSD may fail when the drive's life begins to end. The user will also be reminded to back up any data.

Microsoft explained that this way users are encouraged to create a backup of all the necessary information. This should be done immediately after receiving the warning, so as not to lose important data.

The notification will contain a link to the storage settings in Windows 10. In the corresponding menu, the user can see more detailed information about the "problematic" SSD, including the approximate remaining life or temperature.
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