Windows 10 will be able to run Android apps

Windows 10 will be able to run Android apps
Microsoft doesn't have its own mobile operating system, so the company chose Android as its main partner. Windows 10 already supports many smartphone syncing features, including quick file sharing via the Your phone app.

The Windows Central website says that Microsoft does not plan to stop there. According to the journalist of the publication, the company is working on full support for Android applications in Windows 10, so that they can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

Most likely, we are still talking about the version of Windows 10 for processors on the ARM architecture — it is also used in Android smartphones. In this way, Microsoft will be able to significantly expand the library of applications and games for computers. Apple has already taken a similar step — iPhone and iPad apps run on Macs with the new M1 processor.

Another important innovation that Microsoft is preparing in 2021 is an emulator of x86 applications for computers running on ARM. This will allow manufacturers to produce more compact and lightweight laptops and tablets with increased autonomy and without loss of performance, abandoning Intel and AMD chips.
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