Xiaomi has once again updated Mi A2 Lite

Xiaomi has once again updated Mi A2 Lite
It took Xiaomi a long time to release a bug-free update to Android 10 for the Mi A2 Lite smartphone, but In the end the company did it. Updates continue to be released, but there will be no Android 11 for this model. But there are November security updates as part of the new firmware number V11. 0. 14. 0. QDLMIXM.

Despite the fact that the December security updates will be released in a few days, so far Xiaomi has limited itself to the November version. Also, the new firmware optimizes the performance of the system and increases its stability. The update is distributed over the air and has a size of about 1.1 GB (1.4 GB in the Fastboot version).
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