Zepp Z smart watch

Zepp Z smart watch
Huami has released its best smartwatch ever, when viewed in terms of features and capabilities. Formally, Zepp Z debuted a few days ago in the international version, and today the local Chinese version debuted. It differs from the world in the presence of an NFC adapter and support for ECG registration.

Apparently, support for ECG registration at this stage is not so much a question of hardware capabilities, but rather of regulatory authorities and compliance with local standards. In China, all permissions are obtained, so the function works right out of the box. However, the introduction of ECG and NFC registration has made the watch more expensive: if in the US the watch costs $350, in China it costs $403 for first-time buyers and $410 for non-first-party devices.

The Chinese version of the Zepp Z also differs from the global version in dimensions: 46.6 x 46, 3 x 10.75 mm versus 45.9 x 45.9 x 10.75 mm.
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