ZOTAC introduced new GeForce graphics cards

ZOTAC introduced new GeForce graphics cards
GeForce RTX 2070 AMP

ZOTAC is preparing the first GeForce GTX 2070 graphics card of its own design. Model AMP Edition is designed for the mass buyer, and AMP Extreme — for fans of overclocking. Cards characterized by unassuming appearance and the presence at the end of the cooler illuminated logo ZOTAC Gaming.

Gaming card ZOTAC GeForce GTX AMP Extreme 2070 (SKU ZT-T 20700 B-10 P) represents a massive device with the sides 308 × 113 × 57 mm. Its cooling system consists of three 90-mm fans, two-piece aluminum radiator, and at least four copper-nickel heat pipes. In addition, part of the heat is removed by the front and rear reinforcement plates.

The accelerator PCB has the following connectors: NVLink for building NVIDIA SLI graphic links, 6- and 8-pin PCI-E Power, DisplayPort 1.4 (3), HDMI 2.0 b and USB 3.1 Type-C/VirtualLink video outputs. The video card is supplied with power adapters, which will allow, if necessary, use two 6-pin PCI-E power cables (instead of one 8-pin) and a pair of Molex 4-pin (instead of 6-pin PCI-E Power).

New GeForce RTX 2070 AMP Extreme operates 2304 streaming processors Turing, 256-bit memory bus and 8 GB of buffer memory GDDR6 with a capacity of 14 GB/s per contact (total — 448 GB/s). The core TU106 has factory overclocking, but its value is still unknown (recommended range by NVIDIA — 1410-1620 MHz).

Gaming graphics card ZOTAC GeForce GTX AMP Edition 2070 does not look so impressive compared to the expensive models. Its thickness does not exceed 38 mm (slightly less than two expansion slots), 268 mm length. Instead of three 90-mm fans are used, only two, therefore, most likely, this model will be more noisy than the AMP Extreme. The connector sets of the AMP and AMP Extreme cards are the same.
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